Play with Your Food

Murph Dog Badge

Dan Murphy, an entrepreneur who owns a convenience store in the downtown Minneapolis skyway, realized he had a great opportunity. With passing foot traffic that can exceed 15 thousand people per day, there was a huge market for his vision: the Twin Cities' best build-it-yourself hot dog restaurant. However, Dan isn't the only person selling hot dogs downtown, so he knew it would be key to differentiate himself from the pack.

Murph Dog Mark
Standalone Mark
Murph Dog Wordmark
Standalone Wordmark

How is Murph Dog the Twin Cities' best hot dog shop? It offers the highest-quality hot dogs and bratwursts at a reasonable price, and sells them along with a huge range of toppings (23 and counting), so every customer has the chance to build their perfect dog.

A custom-built typeface
The logotype is a working font to make it usable & shareable
Details Matter - Icon Details Matter - Glyph
Details matter: the font and icons share a stamped aesthetic

Building the perfect hot dog is all about making every ingredient perfectly complement the whole. To ensure that the simple, rugged-yet-playful aesthetic of the Murph Dog icon set was extended through every part of Murph Dog, I designed and built this bespoke typeface to add that extra punch.

Cards for the shop; Cards for the owner
Folding menus for customers to take with them

When you offer 23 toppings for hot dogs, customers suddenly have the ability to build legendary hot dogs, like the Chicago Dog or the Cali Danger Dog. To help beginner hot dog aficionados learn the regional rules of hot dog construction and to encourage flavor exploration, the topping icons were arranged into equations for the menu, which was made in a modular style, to work as a takeaway menu, on the wall inside, and as a glass covering outside to advertise to foot traffic.

Menu design inside the shop, Part 1
Menu design inside the shop, Part 2
Window Sign in Skyway, just outside the shop
The menus are connected to the sauces
...and to the toppings
Labels to fit the job.
Staff Uniform, front & back – Embroidered & Screenprinted

All Work